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Child Appreciation Month

Our Bicycle winners!!

Child Appreciation Month

Our Bicycle winners!!

Walk, live,

and play


foot pain.

Do You Suffer with Burning & Tingling

All the Way from Your Heels to Your Toes?

The Facts about Neuropathy Pain

& A New Therapy That May Help

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Want to Move Beyond that Heel Pain

And Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle?

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Lasers are leading the way in pain management, tissue repair, safe and fast treatment times. Laser therapy is painless, effective and has no known side effects. It is a safer alternative to pain medications and may help you avoid more invasive treatments such as surgeries. Dramatic results in pain reduction can be realized in a short period of time. Laser can help with: Painful neuropathy, heel pain, sports injuries including ankle sprains, tendonitis, and Osteoarthritis pain among other foot and ankle injuries.

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Want to improve your endurance and performance? When your body is properly aligned, your muscles are properly balanced. Many people suffer injuries or get tire quickly than they should due to a frequently overlooked underlying condition- fallen or “pronated” arches. When the person’s foot is properly supported, dramatic increases in endurance, strength and stamina can be achieved because the body is no longer struggling to correct these imbalances, thereby leaving more energy for your to use in your sport.

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Does your child tire easily? Are they “clumsy” and fall often? Do they complain of pain to their legs at night or have knee and lower back pain after sports? IT MAY BE THEIR FEET. They may have inherited your family’s skeletal imbalances. If you have flat feet and knee, hip, or back pain it’s a good possibility that your children will have these same problems too. We have the solutions to prevent these imbalances from ever becoming problems. The best time to correct a child’s structural alignment and cure “growing pains” is when your child’s bones are still growing.

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What do your toenails look like? If you are embarrassed to wear your summer sandals or show your toes on the beach, chances are you are not happy with the way your toenails look. There is no reason to live with thick, discolored and unsightly toenails anymore. Today we have the technology to treat toenail fungus without the harmful side effects of drugs. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that will help you get rid of the fungus and keep it off.

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Confused about how to buy the right pair of shoes? We can teach you exactly what to look for in a shoe that will remain comfortable and last a lot longer. Have you ever noticed that your shoes wear out in the same spots every time while other parts of the sole are barely scuffed? This is due to misaligned foot. At Haro Podiatry and Laser Center we will help you figure out what’s going on with your feet and then we will recommend you the type of shoes you should be wearing. At our shoe store we will offer you a variety of shoes that will feel as amazing as they look.


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Our mission is “To help people walk, live and play without foot pain.” Dr. Haro strives to accomplish this goal by listening to your concerns, then using our state of the art diagnostic tools to make the appropriate diagnosis, and finally recommending the least invasive and most personalized treatment plan possible.

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1005 Clifton Ave Ste 105
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1815 Kennedy Boulevard
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